Siri Genik

Siri Genik has spent over 25 years working on major capital projects around the world, Canada and the Arctic.  Her focus has been the Natural Resource industry as well as infrastructure and construction.  During the course of her career, Siri has developed particular expertise in Strategic Planning, Risk Management, Stakeholder Engagement and Governance, with a strong focus on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Agreement Negotiation.  Working at the level of project development and project delivery, Siri brings to the table on-the-ground project expertise in areas such as international workforce, local communities and indigenous communities, aligning governments, industry and civil society.  Siri has worked with the Board Room and the Project Delivery teams, bridging gaps and creating vision through strategic leadership.

Siri currently runs BRIDGE ©, providing strategic advisory services, advising her clients on Risk Management Strategies interfacing with Commercial strategies and CSR concerns.  The focus is to build realistic action plans targeting sustainable results and positive benefits.  Solutions are structured to make sense locally as well as fitting into global context, with an approach based on collaboration and dialogue, working with all stakeholders, indigenous and local communities, industry, labour and governments.  Siri is a lawyer as well as a certified mediator.