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WIM Indigenous Trailblazer Award NOMINATION DEADLINE

January 31, 2018

We are pleased to invite nominations for the Indigenous Women in Mining Canada Indigenous
Trailblazer Award, 2018. Many Indigenous women have contributed extensively to the
development of the mineral industry in Canada. The Indigenous Trailblazer Award recognizes
and celebrates these contributions.

Nomination Criteria

Candidates nominated for the WIM Canada Indigenous Trailblazer Award must be female and hold Canadian
citizenship at the time of their accomplishments. Candidates and nominators do not need to be a member of
WIM Canada or a member of a WIM Branch; however, WIM Canada encourages everyone to become a member
through the WIM Canada webpage or provincial WIM Branch webpages.

Nominators must provide evidence of their candidate’s achievements that demonstrate benefits to the
Canadian Mineral Industry. More importantly, nominators must illustrate the candidate’s “trailblazing
character” by describing examples of their “pioneering spirit” throughout their careers. Nominators shall
demonstrate evidence of the candidate’s “trailblazing spirit” in their field as Indigenous Women in the
Canadian Mineral Industry whose career achievements “cleared a path” or “made a difference” for other
Indigenous women to follow in their footsteps. The nominators are also invited to demonstrate how the
nominee may have improved the lives of Indigenous women working in all areas of the Canadian Mineral

Candidate achievements can be from any Canadian Mining Industry sector category or area related to the
Mining Industry, including technical, operational, professional, cultural, administrative, etc.

While not mandatory, nominators are invited to further describe their nominee’s personal character for
consideration by the selection committee. For example, comments may include any of the following personal

  • Leading by example
  • Visionary thinking
  • Collegiality
  • Mentoring of others
  • Other important personal characteristics
  • Focus on cultural and community concerns
  • Authenticity
  • Integrity
  • Sound business acumen
  • High ethics

Nomination Guidelines

  1. Each nomination package must contain the following information:
    • Complete resume/curriculum vitae or a career summary of the nominee – 2 pages maximum;
    • A covering letter describing the nominee as it relates to the following key selection criteria in
    500 words or less (please refer to the preceding Nomination Criteria for details). The particular achievement or achievements and how it has benefited both the Indigenous community they are from as well as the Canadian Mineral Industry. The candidate’s “trailblazing spirit” with examples of their personal “pioneering”. Evidence of the nominee’s “trailblazing” in their field as an Indigenous woman in the Canadian Mineral Industry whose career achievements “cleared a path” and “made a difference” for women that will follow in their footsteps. How the nominee demonstrated her commitment to improving the lives of Indigenous women in the Canadian Mineral Industry. Additional Personal characteristics.
    • Current contact information of the nominee;
    • The selection committee encourage the inclusion of additional letters of support for the nominee.
  2. While completeness and accuracy are important, nomination packages submitted should be as concise
    as possible.
  3. Nominees do not need to be supported by a WIM branch. Any individual, group of individuals,
    company, or WIM branch, may submit a nominee. Sponsors are encouraged to support one nomination
    each year, only. The sponsors will submit documentation to the WIM Canada Indigenous Trailblazer
    Award Selection Committee (ITSC). Selection of the Indigenous Trailblazer Award recipient will be made
    by the ITSC and will subsequently be approved by the WIM Canada Board of Directors, whose decision
    will be final.

Nominators are requested to ensure that the final nomination package conforms to the nomination guidelines
and deliver their nomination packages via email by:
January 31st, 2018 to info@wimcanada.org