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The Women In Mining Canada Trailblazer Awards recognize women in the industry who have been bold and builders, fraying a path for women who are keen to also participate in the minerals and metals business and related activities. 

Award Categories

Trailblazer Award

Indigenous Trailblazer Award

Student Trailblazer Award

Indigenous Student Trailblazer Award

Rick Hutson Mentorship Award

Why Your Nomination Is Important 

We believe a diverse and inclusive mining industry makes us, and society, stronger. It drives our growth by attracting and retaining talented women and unlocking their potential.  By nominating a woman who has made an impact, you are:

  • Drawing attention to the importance women have in the mining industry, 
  • Encouraging young females entering the industry by presenting them with female role models
  • Shaping engagement, retention and encouraging progress in our industry

Nomination Categories

Women in Mining Canada Trailblazer Award

The purpose of the award is to bring national recognition to women in mining in Canada.  By honouring these women we hope to draw attention to the important role women have in the industry, share success stories, and encourage more young women to enter our industry.

Women in Mining Canada Indigenous Trailblazer Award

Many Indigenous women have contributed extensively to the development of the mineral industry in Canada. The Indigenous Trailblazer Award recognizes and celebrates these contributions.  The purpose of this award is to bring national recognition to the contribution Indigenous women bring to our industry.

Women in Mining Canada Rick Hutson Mentorship Award

Breaking into a new field is a daunting task at best, and the mining world presents numerous complexities. 

This awards purpose is to recognize an individual who has elevated, encouraged and empowered women to navigate our industry to success.

Women in Mining Canada Indigenous Student Trailblazer Award

WIMC wishes to recognize those Indigenous women students who have played a pivotal role in their studies, with other students, at their school, highlighting the role of Indigenous youth and women in the industry.

Women in Mining Canada Student Trailblazer Award

WIMC wishes to recognize those female students who have played a pivotal role in their studies, with other students, at their school, highlighting the role of women in the industry and those leading change.

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

For decades, women have contributed to the mining and minerals industry of Canada. Through leadership, education and innovation, these women have opened doors for more women to participate in one of Canada’s most vital sectors. The Women in Mining Canada Trailblazer and Mentorship Awards are a national awards platform to recognize the achievements of individuals who have made a significant contribution to Canadian mining and/or the inclusion of women in the industry.

These women are innovators that have had the courage and the vision to redefine traditional structures. They are builders and disruptors in every sector of the mining industry. These individuals, women and mentors, are all forward-looking and challenging the status quo. Our Nominees are all game-changers!

Years Established

We’ve Come A Long Way…

But We Still Have A Long Way To Go

The Importance Of The Trailblazer Awards

“Because women make up 15% of the mining industry, with only 5% on the technical side, it means the mining industry is missing out on the best and the brightest.”

The Honourable MaryAnn Mihychuk

Recipient of 1st Trailblazer Award

“The idea that we have lots of voices in the room and that there is diversity is critical.  For me it's really about how we listen to each other.”

Anne Thompson

2020 Trailblazer Award Winner, President, PetraScience Consultants Inc

“This is a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge the women who work in the mining industry and I raise my hands to every woman in the room and to the men who are supporting the work we are doing.”

Martha Manual

2020 Indigenous Student Trailblazer Award Winner, Manager, Indigenous Relations, New Gold Inc.

“Women are 48% of the Canadian workforce and only 15% of the mining workforce, despite all the conversations, that number is still going down.”

Jamile Cruz

Women In Mining Canada Board Director, CEO & Founder of I&D 101

“The focus on gender is essential if we're goint o address the talent challenges in the next 10-15 years.”

David Pathe

President & CEO, Sherritt International

“Diversity is when we have all faces around the table and inclusion means that they're heard.  Their voice is heard and respected.”

Carolyn Chisholm

VP External Affairs (Canada), Rio Tinto Limited

Support A Woman In The Mining Industry Today To

Be A Part Of The Solution

Without visibility and awards, highlighting the contributions women are making to this industry, women will remain under-represented and the industry will lag in its ability to reach its potential.  You can be part of the solution.  Consider the women you work with, who brings fresh perspectives, inclusive thought-leadership, and is a valuable asset?  Likely you know at least three women.  

By nominating one (or multiple women) you are supporting gender diversity within the mining industry while showing others you stand behind equity, diversity and inclusion.  Be a proud supporter.  Nominate someone today!

Please note the deadline to nominate is January 22, 2021 at 5pm EST.  Don’t wait, get your company and teams involved let’s make this year our best yet!

January 22, 2021


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