Action Plan – Advancement of Women in the Brazilian Mining Industry

 We would like to take this moment to thank Women in Mining Canada for generously sharing your published National Action Plan, which served as great inspiration to our project and to the structure that is supporting our achievements to date. We hope to be able continue working together and collaborating in projects designed to enhance our efforts to contribute in an integrated manner to make the mineral sector more diverse and inclusive in all parts of the world. We will be inviting other WIM organizations to this event and sharing the Action Plan with them, as we believe this project, similar to the Canadian, can create change in other countries.

Nós queríamos agradecer a Women in Mining Canadá por generosamente compartilhar o plano de ação nacional que serviu como inspiração para o nosso projeto, e também agradecer toda o apoio com as nossas conquistas. Nós esperamos continuar trabalhando juntos e colaborando em novos projetos e contribuir de uma maneira integrada para o setor mineral mais diverso incluso em todas as partes do mundo.

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