2020 Rick Huston Mentorship Award Winner – Celina Wan Chun Wah

Celina Wan Chun Wah

Celina Wan Chun Wah was born in Toronto and grew up in Mauritius. She returned to Canada for her post-secondary studies, initially completing a B.Sc. in Biology and Mathematics at McGill University. During her first degree, she became interested in the mining industry and decided to pursue a career in mining. During her B.Eng., she did internships in the oil sands in Fort McMurray as well as in iron ore with ArcelorMittal Mining Canada, where she now works full time. As the recipient of four scholarships, she always encourages students to apply to every scholarship available. Her most rewarding university experience was an exchange semester at the University of Queensland in Australia and she highly encourages students to go on an exchange as it is an opportunity to develop leadership skills, gain in self-confidence and have a greater appreciation for cultural diversity abroad. She backpacked the East Coast of Australia and South East Asia before starting her full-time job. During her time off, she enjoys skydiving, scuba diving, and cooks delicious food. She is passionate about travelling and is always looking forward to her next adventure.

“No one can do it alone; when we lift each other up, we all get ahead”

2020 Rick Hutson Mentorship Award Winner – Celina Wan Chun Wah