2020 Trailblazer Award Winner – Joy Carter

Joy Carter

Joy Carter is a fourth-year student specializing in Geology with a minor in Geographic Information Systems at the University of Toronto. As the current Chair of the Women in Mining Student Chapter and past Industry Liaison of the Undergraduate Earth Science Association, Joy is an active member of the Earth Science community at UofT. Joy has worked as a structural geology field assistant in the Grenville Province, and most recently was the Senior Geological Assistant with Wallbridge Mining Company Limited at the Fenelon Gold Project. Her interests include mineral exploration, field mapping and prospecting. She is also passionate about equity in mining and hopes to work closely with Indigenous communities throughout her career. Joy will be completing her final semester at the University of Otago in New Zealand and will be returning to UofT in September to pursue a Master’s degree in Economic Geology.

“We are stronger as a collective industry, when we celebrate women and empower them to utilize their unique experiences and knowledge to create solutions and overcome challenges”

2020 Student Trailblazer Award Winner – Joy Carter