Kristin Cuddington

Kristin Cuddington leads the community engagement and environmental stewardship pillars of the northern strategy for Cameco Corporation – the world’s second largest uranium miner. Cameco has been operating in northern Saskatchewan for nearly 25 years and is a global leader in progressive aboriginal engagement programs.

The company’s engagement approach is rooted in mutually beneficial long-term partnerships, which Kristin plays a key role in continuing to improve by developing relationships of mutual respect in place of one-off consultation. Cameco has also broken new ground with recently signed collaboration agreements and Kristin is part of the implementation. Building on past experience, the approach is proactive and partners with the communities to plan, coordinate and facilitate engagement.

Kristin holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honors) from the University of Saskatchewan, a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Saskatchewan’s Edwards School of Business and a certified IAP2 practitioner.