Come join us all at the Hart House, University of Toronto, and participate in an exciting panel discussion on “Navigating Challenges and Changes in the Dynamic Mining Industry”

Mining is inherently a risky business, closely following the volatility and associated cyclicity of the commodity market. The mining industry must continuously adapt and implement new technologies and practices, and as such, innovation and resilience are key.

Women in Mining University of Toronto is excited to announce our upcoming panel discussion, entitled: ‘Past, Present, and Future: Navigating Challenges and Changes in the Dynamic Mining Industry.” This panel discussion will be held in the Debates Room, on the second floor of Hart House, University of Toronto, on February 7, 2018, at 5:00pm.

Students, new graduates, established industry professionals, and those involved in auxiliary industries are all influenced by the inherent challenges mining presents, and thus must all be involved in the drive towards continual improvement. This panel aims to explore:

  • the experiences of our panelists in dealing with the unpredictable nature of the industry
  • how they have personally found success
  • where and how they feel the mining industry has room to improve and grow
  • the vision that the industry is moving towards in the future

We are honored to have the following industry professionals composing our panel:

Moderator: Christine Petch- Principal Consultant at CPetch Consulting


Ashley Kirwan – Co-founder, Vice-President, and Senior Geologist at Orix Geoscience Inc

Iain Allen – Program Director in the Innovation Group at Barrick Gold

Krystal Ramsden – Mineral Engineer at Extract Capital

Siri Camille Genik – Principal and Founder at BRIDGE

Everyone interested in the mining industry is welcome to attend, from students to faculty to industry professionals, and we hope to have a mix of attendees to facilitate networking. Food and refreshments will be provided.

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