Who Are We?

WIMC Vision

As Canada’s leading organization for women in mining, WIMC envisions an industry that fosters, promotes and empowers women. We see a future where the possibilities, opportunities and dreams are the same for all, regardless of gender.

WIM Canada Objectives

  • To work with the minerals and mining industry to develop tools and programs that facilitate increased attraction, retention and advancement of women.
  • To collaborate with WIM branches in sharing knowledge, best practices, and personal and professional development opportunities across Canada.
  • To provide a supportive network and a national resource for connecting members to public and private sector entities looking to fill their ranks with qualified individuals.

Why Are We Here?

The minerals exploration and mining industry is one of the most important sectors to the Canadian economy.  As Canadians we are concerned about the future this valuable, high-tech, safe, environmentally and socially responsible industry.

The sector faces many challenges including a pending skilled labour shortage. Many experts agree that improving diversity within the mining workforce by attracting and retaining traditionally underrepresented groups such as women may be the best solution.  To that end, WIMC encourages young women to explore a career within the minerals sector; and helps established professionals connect and navigate their way through a successful career in the minerals sector.  These initiatives contribute to the positive footprint our industry is making.

As a national organization we encourage our peers to engage in the issues long term with our members through research, networking, educational forums, advocacy, topical debates, and industry speaking opportunities to ensure a sustainable minerals industry in Canada.

WIMC Mission

Women in Mining Canada (WIMC) is a national not-for-profit organization formed in 2009 focused on increasing the number of women representation in mining. WIMC carries out its mission with 3E‘s that are integral components to our programs: Empower, Educate, Elevate.


The mining industry has the lowest number of women on company boards of any industry group worldwide. It is our belief that by getting behind women’s empowerment we can provide a global platform for real change. WIMC is committed to improving access to C-Suite and Board of Directors positions for women throughout the industry.


In our industry, competency is what matters. WIMC is dedicated to providing an environment where women can build their leadership skills. Through the development of leadership skills, fostering access to mentorships and internships, women gain the ability and conviction to become leaders.


WIMC is committed to providing a national platform that fosters excellence and best in class support for women in the mining sector through awareness, events, campaigns, programmes and WIMC’s national network.

WIMC’s approach is meant to encourage dialogue and debate, giving a voice to women which enables them to articulate their own empowerment agendas.