The roots of Canadian women in the minerals exploration and mining industry can be traced back to its start. However the formation of a female based organization did not break ground until the 1960s when a group of young of women geologists met for lunch in Toronto, ON.   As more women entered the industry the network grew.  Although unconventional and informal, women associated with or working in the industry started to gather for occasional luncheons and networking opportunities.  They shared a camaraderie that was unique to their gender and inspired each other to grow their careers in a predominately male industry.

Since then, demographic diversity has increased and WIM branches have formed independently across Canada and globally. Each branch is unique and many have monthly lunch meetings featuring interesting speakers, with a focus on networking. They regularly draw-in maximum attendance in numbers. The synergies between branches have empowered women to get more involved and in recent years combined efforts from coast to coast have showcased the generosity and social responsibility of the exploration and mining industry, through fundraising efforts for worthwhile charities.

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